Why we're here

  • We inspire and enable everyone to learn a new language in an effective and enjoyable manner. We do that by providing material which guides you in your pursuit of language mastery; from your very first words to sounding like a native speaker.
  • We provide language material that suits your specific needs, from complete, self-guided programs, to audio based material to use while doing other things, to intensive learning programs that get you speaking and understanding the language in the fastest time possible.
  • Perhaps more importantly though, we offer passion. We love sharing our expertise, experience, and enthusiasm. And most important of all, we want to help you achieve your specific goals.

Where we came from

  • We started small: myself and a friend. And we made a program for learning Indonesian based on "What I wish I had had when I was learning Indonesian."
  • The results were amazing. People were able to learn Indonesian very, very quickly.
  • I decided to learn Russian and quickly realized that I wanted/needed a similar type program. I refused to learn Russian in a traditional manner.
  • The results were again spectacular, and my idea and vision of what was possible continued to grow.
  • Over time, more and more people began to see how unique and effective our methods are.
  • ExpressWay Languages is our new project where we can continue to improve our methods and material and expand to other languages and other projects.

Where we are

  • ExpressWay Languages was ‘born’ February 22, 2013. There’s no rush for us to make it grow quickly. We plan to sit back and enjoy the process, like watching a child grow. Still, I suspect that within a few short years it will have matured into a complete website helping thousands and perhaps millions of people learn languages.
  • Our current focus is to begin helping people improve their English.

What makes us different

  • We’re not ‘business men’ or ‘programmers’ who have made a language learning website and want to make a bunch of money from it. Our focus is strictly on language learning.
  • We’re also a “member owned co-operative”. We want to give everyone the opportunity to not only share in the benefits of a great language learning program, but also to share in the financial rewards of a successful and growing business.
  • Imagine the members of Facebook and other social websites also being ‘owners’ and participating in the business growth and reaping the financial rewards as well.
  • That’s what we want to give to our members: the best language learning material possible, and a share in the rewards of our combined efforts.

Where we want to go

  • We aspire to be the most effective and enjoyable language learning center in the world.
  • We envision a future where all people, of all ages, can learn the languages needed to communicate with each other.
  • For people locked in a cycle of poverty, learning English can often be the chance for a better future. We desire to provide such an opportunity for everyone, but perhaps even more so, by welcoming them into our community, we'll also be able to provide them with the financial means and knowledge necessary to help them reach their dreams.
  • We want to provide a model for ourselves and others from which to grow.
  • We want ExpressWay Languages and our members to set examples that inspire other organizations and individuals towards the pursuit and achievement of new ideas that contribute to making the world better than we found it.
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