Membership Details

  • For a monthly fee of $10, you gain full access to all language learning material and interactive learning material.
  • For an extra special deal, pay $50 at sign-up and get one month free! You'll get 6 months for the price of 5. (After 6 months billing will be on a monthly basis.)
  • Whenever you're having trouble or you have some questions simply email any question and get it answered.
  • Join weekly meetings to practice your English and get help from teachers.
  • If there's no weekly meeting near you, start one!! You'll be surprised at how easy it is and how eager people will be to join.
  • As new material is developed you will also have full access to it.
  • You're also most welcome to join us on Facebook, VKontakte, and elsewhere.

Making Payment

  • The fastest way to join and get started is with your credit card. Just click on the button and follow the steps.
  • Please note that if you pay using your credit card via PayPal, the monthly amount is $11.00 in order to cover their commission charge. Any remainder will be credited to your account. Similarly, the 'special deal' is $55.
  • To avoid the commission charge, you can pay directly to our PayPal account: (Go to and click 'Send Money' from the menu. Enter 50 USD, or 55 CAD. "Paying someone in Canada." And "My payment is for: Friends and Family".)
  • For those of you who don't have PayPal or credit cards we will be setting up bank accounts for direct deposit. (See list on right.)
  • If you have any questions at all, please email me directly: email Brian

And then what?

  • And then you're ready to go! You're 'one of us'.
  • Once we receive notification of payment from PayPal, we'll send you an email to get you started.
  • Please remember also, that you're "getting in on the ground floor", which means a great opportunity and a great price, but it also means the product is still in development.
  • There's more than enough to keep you busy though, and your input will allow us to make it better and better.