How to improve your English

Many of you have studied English for years yet still have difficulty speaking and understanding native speakers. Luckily, there's a fairly 'simple' solution. First, you need a clear program to follow that answers all your questions. And second, you need a way to practice that takes you from your current level and systematically helps you progress and increase your ability.

You also need to know that many expressions and phrases do not sound the way they are written. For example, "Do you want something to drink?" will usually sound like "D'ya wan' sa'm ta drink?". Knowing these 'small' details is extremely important when trying to understand native English speakers, and to help you speak English more smoothly and naturally.

How to speak English better : This 'active text' sample is excellent for everyone, from beginner to advanced, and will lay the foundation for improving your English.

Absolute Beginner : This is where we start with someone who knows absolutely zero English. It's excellent for kids and adults.

Bears on Wheels (Beginner / Kids) : This is a fantastic book for teaching kids English. It's excellent to help them start reading and extremely effective in getting them answering questions and later asking questions between themselves. This is a video with the audio from a class with 2 Japanese kids. The sound quality is poor but it shows the process of them learning with the teacher.

What are these? - Beginner : This shows how we help students learn basic but important grammar aspects. In this way, saying (and writing) things correctly becomes 'automatic' and you don't even need to think about the grammar rules.

Lesson 1 - Beginner : This lesson series introduces the basics and progresses systematically while repeating previously introduced aspects. It's very useful to develop good speaking and writing skills.    Lesson 1    Lesson 2

Basic English Booklet : This booklet is packed solid with all the basics. It's excellent as a reference and for daily speaking practice. We've divided it into 3 parts here. Each part is about 5 minutes in audio time.    Part:   1    2    3   

Short videos - intermediate to advanced English :

Here are some fun videos to try and practice your speaking and listening skills. You can slow down the speed and repeat lines to practice.    

1 - "Forget about it." (movie scene with Johnny Depp)
2 - Molson Canadian (beer commercial)
3 - When a Man Loves a Woman - Trailer
4 - When a Man Loves a Woman - Opening scene
5 - Financial News Report
6 - Will Smith - Your words and thoughts have physical power
7 - Pimsleur Language Program - Sales video
8 - Born to Learn
9 - The Go-Getter
10 - Learn English Video Series

Movie Clips :

Here are some short scenes from various movies. We also have full movies for members.    

1 - "Chocolat" (Vianne befriends the river rats)
2 - Harry Potter 1 (on the train)
3 - Harry Potter 1 (the Sorting Hat)
4 - Harry Potter 3 (Triwizard Cup selections)
5 - The Matrix (the pill scene)