Basic English Booklet - 01 : Part 1

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What's that? / Who's that?   

Part 1 :

Mari Kita Belajar Bahasa Inggris:


Let’s Learn English:  



Hai Brian.


Hi Brian.  



Hai Tom.


Hi Tom.  



Siapa ini?


Who’s this? (Who is this?)  



Ini Steven Jones.


This is Steven Jones.  



Dan itu siapa?


And who’s that? (And who is that?)  



Itu Mary Jones.


That’s Mary Jones. (That is ..)  



Siapa itu?


Who's that?  



(Siapa mereka?)


(Who are they?)  



Itu Julie dan David.


That's Julie and David.  



Apa itu?


What’s that?  



Itu rumah.


That’s a house.  



Apa itu?


What's that?  



Itu buku.


That's a book.  



Dan apa ini?


And what’s this?  



Itu majalah.


That’s a magazine.  



Apa ini?


What's this?  



Ini surat.


This is a letter.  




(It's a letter.)  



Bukunya mana?


Where is the book?  



Bukunya di sini.


The book is here.  



Majalahnya mana?


Where’s the magazine?  



Majalahnya (ada) di sana.


The magazine is (over) there.  



Ini David.


This is David.  



Dia di sini.


He’s here.  



Itu Julie.


That's Julie.  



Dia di sana.


She’s there.  



Apa itu?


What are those?  



Itu buku dan majalah.


That’s a book and a magazine.  



Itu majalah.


That's a magazine.  



(Itu) Ada di sana.


It’s (over) there.  



Ini koran.


This is a newspaper.  



(Itu) Ada di sini.


It’s here.  



Itu surat.


That's a letter.  



(Itu) Ada di sana.


It’s (over) there.  



Itu surat dan majalah.


That's a letter and a magazine.  



(Itu) Ada di sana.


They're there.  




(They are there.)  



Apa itu?


What’s that?  



Itu mobil.


That’s a car.  



Rumahnya di mana?


Where’s the house?  



Di sana.


It’s there.  



Yang ini apa?


What’s this one?  



Itu buku.


It’s a book.  



Ini Steven dan Mary.


This is Steven and Mary Jones.  



Mereka suami istri.


They are husband and wife.  



Julie anak perempuan mereka.


Julie is their daughter.  



David anak lelaki mereka.


David is their son.  



Ini Mary Jones.


This is Mary Jones.  



Steven suaminya.


Steven is her husband.  



Julie anak perempuannya.


Julie is her daughter.  



David anak lelakinya


David is her son.  



Ini Steven Jones.


This is Steven Jones.  



Mary istrinya.


Mary is his wife.  



Ini Mary, istrinya.


This is Mary, his wife.  



Julie anak perempuannya..


Julie is his daughter  



..dan David anak lelakinya.


and David is his son.  



Itu Julie dan David.


That's Julie and David.  



Mereka kakak beradik.


They're brother and sister.  



Mary Jones ibu mereka.


Mary Jones is their mother (mom).  



Steven Jones ayah mereka.


Steven Jones is their father (dad).  



Bu, buku saya mana?


Mom, where's my book?  



Itu apa?


What's that?  



Itu buku saya, terima kasih bu.


That's my book, thanks Mom.  



Bu, majalah saya mana?


Mom, where's my magazine?  



Itu bukan?


Is that it?  



Ya betul, terima kasih bu.


Ya, that's it. Thanks Mom.  



David lagi ngapain?


What's David doing?  



Dia lagi baca buku.


He's reading a book.  



Julie lagi ngapain?


What's Julie doing?  



Dia lagi baca majalah


She's reading a magazine.  



Ayah mereka lagi ngapain?


What is their dad doing?  



Dia lagi membaca koran.


He is reading the newspaper.  



Apa Yanti lagi membaca sekarang?


Is Yanti reading now?  








(Ya, dia lagi membaca sekarang.)


(Yes, she's reading now.)  








(Nggak, dia lagi nggak membaca sekarang.)


(No, she's not reading now.)  



Dia lagi membaca apa?


What is she reading?  





A letter.  



(Dia lagi membaca surat.)


(She's reading a letter.)  



Ini Steven dan Mary.


This is Steven and Mary Jones.  



Julie dan David anak mereka.


Julie and David are their children.  



Mereka satu keluarga.


They are a family.  




(They're a family.)  



Mereka lagi ngapain sekarang?


What are they doing now?  



David lagi baca buku.


David is reading a book.  



Julie lagi baca majalah.


Julie is reading a magazine.  



Dan Steven lagi baca koran.


And Steven is reading the newspaper.  



David dan Julie lagi ngapain?


What are David and Julie doing?  



Mereka lagi baca.


They're reading.  



David dan Julie lagi baca apa?


What are David and Julie reading?  



(Mereka lagi baca apa?)


(What are they reading?)  



David lagi baca buku,


David is reading a book,  



dan Julie lagi baca majalah.


and Julie is reading a magazine.  



Dan Mary lagi ngapain?


And what is Mary doing?  



Dia lagi dengarin radio.


She's listening to the radio.  



Dia lagi dengarin apa?


What is she listening to?  



(Mary lagi dengarin apa?)


(What is Mary listening to?)  



Dia lagi dengarin musik.


She's listening to music.  



(Mary lagi dengarin musik.)


(Mary's listening to music.)  



Steven dan keluarganya mana?


Where is Steven and his family?  



Mereka ada di rumah.


They're at home. (They are at home.)  



Kamu dan keluarga kamu mana?


Where are you and your family?  



Buku siapa ini?


Whose book is this?  



Itu buku saya.


That's my book.  



Majalah siapa ini?


Whose magazine is this?  



Itu majalah dia.


That's her magazine.  



Koran siapa itu?


Whose newspaper is that?  



Itu koran kamu.


That's your newspaper.  



Surat siapa ini?


Whose letter is this?  



Itu surat mereka.


That's their letter.  



Buku2 siapa ini?


Whose books are these?  



Itu buku2 saya.


Those are my books.  





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