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Chocolat   - Vianne Befriends the River Rats

Movie Clip :

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I bet he's the captain.  




VIANNE: Anouk, don't do that.  




Anouk, don't do that, please.  




-How do you do? -Sorry.  




ROUX: I'd like to apologize.  




For all of us. Sincerely.  




What for?  




ROUX: For whatever it is you're here to accuse us of.  




Why would I do that?  




Well, because we river rats are the dregs of society.  




With horrible diseases and criminal impulses.  




[Chuckles] (That) Sounds terrifying.  




Is it true?  




It's what you townspeople always seem to think, isn't it?  




This is not my town. Sorry.  




ROUX: Well, then, what do you want?  




Are you here to save us?  




Are you the Catholic Aid Society?  




French Family League? Communist Workers?  




Which idea are you selling?  








I'm sorry, chocolate?  




ANOUK: What's a river rat?  




Is it like a pirate?  




[Vianne chuckles]  




Yeah, you could say that. Yeah.  




You could.  




Have a look at my treasure chest.  








Let me guess, they're for sale.  




ROUX: As a matter of fact, they are.  




For a mere thirty francs apiece.  




You laugh? I can get fifty for them in Paris.  




Then go to Paris.  




We'll take two, please.  




You'll take two?  




Yes, please, absolutely.  








VIANNE: I don't know if I have the right change.  




Just a minute.  




They're beautiful.  




ROUX: Ireland's finest.  








Thank you. Listen...  




I should probably warn you.  




(If) You make friends with us, you('ll) make enemies of others.  




(Is) That a promise?  




It's a guarantee.  




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