Here's the trailer for the movie "When a Man Loves a Woman". It really is a great movie, and the next sample video is of the opening scene at the cafe.

The video will stay in view as you scroll down following the text. If you want to 'pause' or 'repeat' a sentence, it's very simple. Use your 'spacebar' for 'pause/play' and you can click on any text and the audio will play that line (and continue playing, unless you hit 'spacebar' to pause it). And just one click is enough. No need to double click on the line you want to listen to.


When a Man Loves a Woman - Trailer    

Sample 4 :


Once in a great while a movie comes along that speaks straight from the heart and touches all our lives.   








ABC hails "When a Man Loves a Woman" as "An Unforgettable Celebration of the Human Spirit".  




I messed up, baby, but I'm fighting my way back.   




Rolling Stone calls it "A Gripping Love Story".   




My wife is the most amazing woman. She's got..   




..six hundred different kinds of smiles.   




Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan deliver "Oscar Caliber Performances".   




It's 4 o'clock in the morning! People are trying to have sex up here!   




Jeffrey Lyons calls it "Powerful, Poignant, Exceptional".   




Cisco and Eibert give "When a Man Loves a Woman" "Two Thumbs Up".   




And Roger Eibert calls it "one of the best movies this year".   




..When a man loves a woman..   




Touchtone Pictures presents, Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan   




When a Man Loves a Woman   




Rated R.   




..When a man loves a woman..   




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