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Financial News Clip    

Sample 5 :


This week investers have watched the markets gyrate as news from all corners of the world seem to be driving stocks in different directions. On Tuesday, investers saw the global markets dip on European debt concerns. And Wednesday was no better as rumours circulated that China could scale back its Euro dominated (denominated?) bond holdings. But the markets reversed course on Thursday morning as China denied the market rumours and sent the US market soaring.

For the week, the NASDAQ has faired the best, gaining a little more than one percent. The DOW broke even and the S&P 500 has lost about 0.4%.

News from the Gulf of Mexico got a little bit more positive this morning after the L.A. Times reported that BP's top kill procedure was a success. While investers await word from the company on the status of the wells, shares of BP have been climbing all day on the rumour.

While many oil stocks rallied on the news, president Obama held a press conference Thursday afternoon, and while speaking with reporters the president said the moratorium on offshore drilling would continue through December. And certain actively drilled wells in the gulf would be put on hold for a period of time.

A bright note for energy traders this week came in the form of higher oil prices. Prices had been falling since late April, but have found a bottom this week and are heading higher. The iShares oil ETF is up about 6.5% on the week including today's gain of 5%.

And financial stocks garnered the attention of investers this week following some notable analysts calls from the sector. Wells Fargo saw its shares downgraded by Goldman Sachs from 'buy' to 'neutral' as the firm sees better value in the sector. The firm expects JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Citi Group to have greater earnings power for the next few quarters. And speaking of Citi Group, Oppenheimer issued a report this week upgrading shares of the beleagured bank to 'outperform'

Analysts at Oppenheimer see value in buying shares of Citi Group at these levels as the stock currently trades below tangeable book value. Shares of the Spider Financial ETF were trading higher on the week by about 1% but it took Thursday's strong gain of 3% to push it back into the green for the week

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