What's the best way to learn Spanish?

¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? (Hi! How are you?) We're in the process of creating our Spanish program and invite you to try the sample material and pass on your thoughts.

Last year, in Tarifa, I met Alejandro, who shared my views on language learning and wanted to help make a program for learning Spanish. We wanted something you could enjoy listening to, like listening to the radio, and you simply learn Spanish along the way. Here's our first audio that we made, completely unrehearsed:
Audio 1

I think it turned out okay, but with me not knowing any Spanish, the listener is unfortunately tainted with my mistakes, like saying 'chocolato'. I think it's extremely important for the listener to only hear proper Spanish from a native Speaker so that their ear gets 'tuned' correctly.

Alejandro came to visit me in Canada and we tried a couple of recordings with Mom and Dad and they were a lot of fun and also very enlightening. They were definitely able to learn some words and it confirmed my belief that this method will work well with anyone and everyone.    Audio 2   Audio 3   Audio 4

Audio 4 shows a very effective way to begin 'using' a new language. It's a simple routine using 2 questions: "¿Cuántas ... hay?" (How many .... are there?) and "¿Qué es esto?" (What's this?). The student replies with the number or "Es un/una ..." (It's a/an ...). I've used it many times with other students and other languages and it was great to see it working well with Mom and Dad learning Spanish. Again though, it needs improvement since I again made mistakes because I didn't know the Spanish. In Spanish, you don't need to reply fully, "Esto es una manzana." (It is an apple.). It's more natural to say "Es una manzana." Dropping the pronoun (it, he, you, I, etc) is common in Spanish since it's indicated by the verb form.

From there I started looking for material from the internet without a lot of success but did find some. Audio 5 is taken from a Spanish with Super Holly video. She's American but grew up in Mexico. It gives a good introduction to pronunciation and other basics but covers way more words than a beginner can possibly absorb in one go.

Audio 6 : 100 Basic Words (okay as a reference but doesn't really help me learn them)
Audio 7 : 10 Most Common Verbs (again, better to learn to use them one by one)
Audio 8 : Numbers 1-10 (simple and useful with some 'math' to get you thinking)

I also found several videos with common phrases which are okay, but they don't start with your first words and then build on them slowly so that you steadily master them and progress.    Phrases 1   Phrases 2   Phrases 3   Phrases 4  

The "Mi Vida Loca" (My Crazy Life) from the BBC is enjoyable and gives you some real Spanish spoken at top speed, which is great, but too challenging for an absolute beginner.    MVL 1   MVL 2   MVL 3   MVL 4   MVL 5  

Alejandro recently made a fun 'Real Life' recording with a friend, which is great but pretty challenging. I'm sure it's possible to create fun dialogues that will build you up to that level quickly.    RL 1