A NEW Way to Learn Languages!

When you learn a new language it's the same as learning new software, learning a sport or learning to play a musical instrument. The BEST way is to LEARN BY DOING. Learning a language is the same: Learn by doing!

It's NOT about learning rules and grammar, or remembering not to make mistakes. It's all about training your body to 'automatically' speak correctly, like a native.

Similarly, proper pronunciation requires physical practice. And lots of it. You need to learn how to make the sounds, then practice in a natural manner. We provide all the examples, explanations and specific training techniques necessary to allow you to master 'native' pronunciation skills.

Another vital aspect to remember is that language is about expressing ideas. You can't simply translate words and expressions from one language to another. All ideas are unique and specific, but the way they're expressed can vary greatly, even within a single language. The key to speaking a new language well is to be able to express your ideas the way a native speaker would; not the way you would in your own language.

For specific examples and details related to the language you want to learn, please visit their respective pages:    Learn English    Learn Russian    Learn Indonesian

Why our program is so effective

  • A multiple step-by-step approach that maximizes your speed of learning.
  • It focuses on developing your physical skills of listening and speaking.
  • Your learning time is maximized by not listening to English, long gaps of silence or waiting for others.
  • You're in control. We provide a clear guide to follow, then you choose how fast or slow you want to proceed.
  • A 'spiral' approach that continually reinforces previous material, thus building a rock solid foundation.
  • Intuitive learning is extremely powerful but a program must be very well designed to take proper advantage of it.
  • Grammar comes second. Understanding comes first.
  • It's all about IDEAS so you need to learn what people REALLY say, not 'textbook' language.
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